We have a total of eighteen beds in three houses; Hovedhuset, Banken and Smia. The absolute best room on Naustholmen is the outdoor space. That is why we offer our overnight guests a night in a hammock as an additional experience. Here you can sleep in the fresh air and wake up to the lapping of waves.

AMOK hammocks
Our five AMOK hammocks are hung up in a few minutes in fixed suitable places .. These hammocks are flat and comfortable, a completely unique outdoor sleeping space and as close to nature as you can get.


The main house - the old bakery outlet at Grøtøy trading place. Today the center of Naustholmen with living room and kitchen, where all the food served is made. There are three bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs.

The rooms here are called Væreiern, Jekteskipperen and Tauseloftet.

Væreiarn is a three-bed room with a view of Nordskot where all the fishing boats were waiting for the weather during the Lofoten fishing in Grøtøy trading place's heyday.
There is a double bed (180) and a single bed (90).


Double room (180-bed) with a view to the south where the yachts, the large round freighters, came up the lease after delivering fish in Bergen or Hamburg when Grøtøy trading place made a fortune exporting fish.

Silence means maid. These were popular ladies, especially among the yacht skippers. The room has this name because it is possible to get in from the window from the veranda outside - should a women's week Jekteskipper pass by. Tauseloftet is a bunk bed room with room for two people.


A newly renovated residential unit located where the bank at the trading post was located. It has two bedrooms, an alcove and a spacious bathroom, as well as an extra toilet and a sofa bed in the living room.

The bank manager
This room has a 120-bed with two who love each other and a bunk bed for one who is bouncy. Both - or all three - will wake up with magnificent views to the sea and can walk straight out of the balcony door to a breakfast bath if tempting.

Banknote press
Bright and quiet room with three beds consisting of a bunk bed with 120-bed downstairs and 90-bed upstairs. In addition to a 90-bed.

The vault
This room is a spacious alcove. Check the mattress for cash both when you arrive and when you leave.

Smia is the third housing unit on Naustholmen. It is sheltered on the other side of the bay. Here there are two bedrooms, a living room and a small bathroom as well as a large terrace. This looks like the name implies the old smithy at the trading post.

Blåsa has a bunk bed with 120-bed downstairs and 90-bed upstairs. Outside, the birds are singing.

The blacksmith
The second bedroom in Smia can be set up as two single beds or a double bed. Easy to refurnish and a blissfully quiet place to sleep.

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