1. All guests are introduced to grøtøy old trading post's rich history.

2. We safeguard history by maintaining / upgrading cultural-historical buildings, such as reconstruction of Stornauset, renovation of Haltanbua and renovation of Heimsund Bridge.

3. In the development of Naustholmen as a destination, we will as much as possible use existing buildings and rebuild previous buildings to the least extent possible to seize and pollute nature, thereby safeguarding the island's authentic character and providing the lowest possible footprint.

4. We practice trackless travel on a trip, which involves zero litter and the use of established trails on and off the island and offers guided activities where guests mostly conduct outdoor activities for their own machine and in the local environment.

5. We keep food waste down and compost the few food leftovers we have.

6. We buy locally produced Potato And meat products, as well as fetch food in the sea.

7. We pick plastic in the shoreline and keep the beach zone clean not only on our own island, but also in the surrounding areas.

8. We encourage guests to come to Steigen by speedboat rather than use a car.


1. We use local labour and provide job opportunities to young, local people.

2. We have established the "School of life" with The Association of Fellow Migrants and thereby allows addicts to work training and social inclusion in various projects and tasks on the island.

3. We fund education for the Bhote people of Nepal through the microproject WHY. Among other things, we encourage support for this project instead of tipping us.

4. We cooperate with the Bygdelaget on events that provide income and social activities to the local community.



1. We shop locally at Convenience store and encourages our guests to do the same.

2. We create ripple effects and support start-ups, including Steigen Mountain Guides has been established with a base on Naustholmen.

3. The owner takes out a low salary and all profits are invested in the development of the destination. Naustholmen has made a profit since the beginning thanks to many good helpers from far and wide. 

You can read more about the UN's travel sustainability goals Here.

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